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We provide Kettlebell Certification Instructor Training and other Fitness Workshops in Hong Kong, China, other parts of Asia, Europe and North America. We supply Kettlebells to all major gym clubs in Hong Kong.

‟Canada has the best fitness trainers and training programs in the world.”
- David Patchell-Evans, Founder & CEO, GoodLife Fitness - August 19, 2011.

‟One must have goals and purpose in life. Preparation is key. Keep your passion in fitness!”
- Jillian Michaels, CanFitPro 2013 Conference, Toronto, Canada.


Countries where NAFSPTA offers Kettlebell Training


For wholesale purchases, please email us at or the alternate email: for super low prices!
We offer wholesale pricing to gym clubs, equipment stores, sports & recreation clubs, and individuals who are buying big quantities in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Macau, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, U.S.A., and Canada.

You can purchase your kettlebells from the following retailers:
Oliver London
16/F., Flat B
Wing On Cheong Bldg
5 Wing Lok Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel.: (852)9109-2607

Victoria Pro-Shop
G/F., 17-19 Electric Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong
Tel.: +852 2566-9606

H-Kore Gym Studio
3/F, Wincome Centre
39 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK
Tel.: (852)2441-9000

金武藏Golden Musashi Limited
營業時間:13:00 – 19:00
Shop 9, G2/F., Hva Qin International
Queens’s Road, Central, HK
Mobile: (852)9629-1107

Sane Fitness
8/F Abdoolally House
20 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong
Contact: Jesse

“The actual shipping and handling costs will be billed on a separate invoice after the purchase is finalized.”
For product/order inquiries contact us: or the alternate email:

Our range of Vinyl and Pro-Grade Kettlebells
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Vinyl Kettlebell - Orange Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Red Color (encased with a rubber non-skid bottom) Vinyl Kettlebell - Blue Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Pink Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Grey Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Black Color
Vinyl Kettlebell - Blue Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Yellow Color Vinyl Kettlebell - Pink & Yellow Color 100% Steel Pro-Grade Kettlebell Set 1 100% Steel Pro-Grade Kettlebell Set 2 100% Steel Pro-Grade Kettlebell Set 3

We offer wholesale price when you order a big quantiity

Vinyl Kettlebells Price in US$ Vinyl Color [paypal type=”view” shipadd=”2″]
2 lbs $10 Orange [paypal type=”add” amount=”10″ productname=”2lbs Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
5 lbs $35 Blue [paypal type=”add” amount=”35″ productname=”5lbs Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
4 Kg (8.8 lb) $70 Pink [paypal type=”add” amount=”70″ productname=”4kg Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
6 Kg (1x.6 lb) $86 Yellow [paypal type=”add” amount=”86″ productname=”6kg Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
8 Kg (17.6 lb) $102 Orange [paypal type=”add” amount=”102″ productname=”8kg Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
10 Kg (1x.6 lb) $118 Red [paypal type=”add” amount=”118″ productname=”10kg Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
12 Kg (26.4 lb) $133 Light Blue [paypal type=”add” amount=”133″ productname=”12kg Vinyl Kettlebell” shipadd=”2″]
16 Kg (35.2 lb) $164 Choice [paypal type=”add” amount=”164″ productname=”16kg Vinyl Kettlebell” extra=”Color” shipadd=”2″]
Pro-grade Kettlebells
100% Steel
Price in US$ Color [paypal type=”view” shipadd=”2″]
8 Kg (17.6 lb) $126 Pink [paypal type=”add” amount=”126″ productname=”8kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
10 Kg (1x.6 lb) $140 Red [paypal type=”add” amount=”140″ productname=”10kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
12 Kg (26.4 lb) $152 Blue [paypal type=”add” amount=”152″ productname=”12kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
16 Kg (35.2 lb) $178 Yellow [paypal type=”add” amount=”178″ productname=”16kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
20 Kg (44.0 lb) $217 Black [paypal type=”add” amount=”217″ productname=”20kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
24 Kg (52.8 lb) $237 Green [paypal type=”add” amount=”237″ productname=”24kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
28 Kg (61.7 lb) $268 Orange [paypal type=”add” amount=”268″ productname=”28kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]
32 Kg (70.4 lb) $320 Red [paypal type=”add” amount=”320″ productname=”32kg Pro-grade Kettlebell ” shipadd=”2″]

Please Note – Price does not include actual shipping and handling costs. These costs will be billed on a separate invoice after the purchase is finalized.


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Training DVDs and Books

DVD on Kettlebell Training

Buy Kettlebell DVD

Handbook on Kettlebell Training

Buy the Great Kettlebell Handbook

Please Note – Price does not include actual shipping and handling costs. These costs will be billed on a separate invoice after the purchase is finalized.

Training Services

Your health and fitness is one of the most important facets of your life. Because you demand peak performance from your body, the right coach and the right training will make all the difference between success and failure. As with all worthwhile pursuits, the quality of learning and practice is emphasized over sheer quantity. The NAFSPTA shares its wealth of practical knowledge and experience with you to dramatically improve your health, fitness and performance.

Private and Small Group Training

Train directly under the master’s watchful eyes. Prepare to be motivated and educated! If you demand the best possible instruction for peak performance, private training with our top notch fitness trainers is the most direct path to accomplishing your goals.

Contact us to inquire about private or small-group training sessions.

Personalized Online Training Programs

Because you have unique goals, your exercise program should reflect your individual needs and interests. Although you have the desire to improve your strength and fitness, you may require guidance along the way.

Benefit from detailed instruction and scheduling that will guide you step-by-step throughout your entire program, for as long as you need coaching. With thorough explanation of all exercises, you will not only be taught WHAT to do, but WHY to do it, so that you are constantly being educated throughout each step of the program.
Each monthly program includes weekly Q & A analysis via email. Because of the regular communication between you and Steve, your personalized online training program becomes a living program, which changes according to your personal rate of progress.

You will have a program that works perfectly for your needs, using the equipment, schedule and training environment that is most convenient for your lifestyle.

Contact us to inquire about the Personalized Online Training Programs

Training Programs

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