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We provide Kettlebell Certification Instructor Training and other Fitness Workshops in Hong Kong, China, other parts of Asia, Europe and North America. We supply Kettlebells to all major gym clubs in Hong Kong.

‟Canada has the best fitness trainers and training programs in the world.”
- David Patchell-Evans, Founder & CEO, GoodLife Fitness - August 19, 2011.

‟One must have goals and purpose in life. Preparation is key. Keep your passion in fitness!”
- Jillian Michaels, CanFitPro 2013 Conference, Toronto, Canada.


Countries where NAFSPTA offers Kettlebell Training

Highly Qualified Trainers


Ajamu B

Personal Fitness Trainer Ajamu B• Education: MBA, NSCA
• CSCS. 
A former NCAA basketball player. A very high profile trainer.
• Has published several articles on the effectiveness of Kettlebell cross training.
• Has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry.
• A graduate of Russian Kettlebell Certification and Crossfit Certification.
• A certified fitness trainer for the American Kettlebell Club.
• Teaches Professional Kettlebell Instructor Level 1, 2 & 3 Certification training and TRX Suspension Instructor Training.
• Teaches Kettlebell Train-the-Trainer Training, Kettlebell High Performance Workshop, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Kettlebell Fitness, and Kettlebell Zumba.

Rui Rosario

Fitness Trainer Rui Rosario• Education: studied Kinesiology at York University, in Toronto. Currently studying Osteopathy.
• Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Certified C.H.E.K. Golf Bio
• mechanic
• Has over 12 years of experience in fitness training and coaching.
• Recognized as one of today’s most creative strength and conditioning coaches, his talent for constructing fresh, well rounded, and effective mixed-modality workouts is legendary.
• Is widely known as the Canadian Kettlebell Guru. He is also the Instructor who taught the first kettlebell classes in Toronto. His creativity and ability with kettlebells is internationally renowned.
• Is highly in demand for Strength & Conditioning.
• Has worked with various Canadian Government agencies, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Royal Canadian Army, and Peel Regional Police as well as Martial Arts academies throughout the country.
• Has trained with professional athletes, including top MMA fighters such as Jorge Britto and Andre Dida Amade.
• Has a long history of competitive grappling and martial arts training. Has trained in Muay Thai, Hapkido, and Jeet Kune Do. An International champion for the Hapkido and Muay Thai competition.
• Teaches Professional Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 and 2 Certification courses, Kettlebell High Performance Workshops, Kettlebell Fitness, and Golf Conditioning.

Nate Jackson, Toronto, Canada

Personal Fitness Trainer Nate JacksonEDUCATION
• BA, University of Windsor, Windsor Ont. 1999
• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS)
• American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
• Foremax Golf Training Systems Instructor, Steve Heller
• Administer & assessment of the FMS, Functional Movement Screen, Gray Cook
• Lifestyle & Weight management consultant
• BOSU trainer certified, Twist Conditioning, Peter Twist
• CPR/AED certification, St. John’s Ambulance
• Nutrition Dimension workshops
• Flexibility, Power training seminars
• Kettlebells, Fitness competition prep, Pro Fitness Model, Strength & Power Lifting
• Strength & Conditioning, Movement screening
• Functional training, TV Personality
• Kettlebell Instructor for Season 2 Episode 6 of TV show “STUCK,” (2009)
• Appointed to Fitness Board of Directors for Maximum Fitness Magazine
• Confidence Course Instructor for Season 1 Episode 12 of TV show “STUCK,” (2008)
• 103.9 FM Radio, fitness trainer spots 2008
• Power Trainer Pro model, Power Gym Canada
• Top FAME, WBFF & UFE fitness competitor 2006-Present
• Fitness model & author, 2004-Present (Covers & Spreads for Maximum Fitness, Inside Fitness, Nytro Fitness & Xtreme Lifestyle Mag.
• Trained in Martial arts, Karate
• Trained under 1988 Olympic Power Lifting Gold Medalist
• Toronto Raptors basketball academy coach
• Assistant coach, boy’s high school basketball, Tillsonburg Ont.
• University of Windsor peer mentoring program, volunteer
• University of Windsor co-captain 1998-1999 basketball team

Craig Moser

Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Craig Moser• Education: Attended University.
• Certification achieved: Muay Thai & Kickboxing, Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do,
• Title: Received the Muay Thai & Kickboxing middle weight championship title in Thailand.
• Has over 15 years of Muay Thai and Kickboxing teaching experience.
• Teaches Muay Thai & Kickboxing different level of classes in his own gym.

Jeff, Matthew & Kasandra (Conkers Athletics)

Kettlebell Workout Trainer Jeff-Matthew-KasandraJeff, Matthew & Kasandra (Conkers Athletics): were born in Canada, have been working in the fitness industry for many years. They are Master Trainers and their expertise are Personal Training, Kettlebell, TRX, Vipr, CrossFit training, Hockey, Kickboxing, and martial arts. Their fitness classes are fun and effective, and their clients just love them!

Justin Orsini

Kettlebell Workout Trainer Justin Orsini• Education: University graduate.
• Certification achieved: CrossFit Kettlebell Certification, Professional Kettlebell Instructor level 1 & 2 Certification, USA Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning Coach; USA Club Coach; Twist Conditioning; Level 5 Muay Thai in Thailand, and CanFitPro PTS.
• Is a football and basketball player.
• Has been a competitive Hockey player for 16 years.
• Has been a fitness trainer and professional for more than 8 years.
• Teaches Professional Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 and 2 Certification training courses.
• Teaches clients Kettlebell fitness and workout.


Kettlebell Fitness Trainer Omar• Education: Attended University.
• Certification achieved: Professional Kettlebell Instructor Certification, Strength and Conditioning Certification, Crossfit Certification, & Weightlifting Certification.
• Has over 8 years of experience in fitness industry.
• Teaches Crossfit Level 1 Coach Course.
• Teaches Kettlebell Trainer Specialist Certification Course.
• Teaches the TRX courses
• Certified in Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebell Instructor Training, and Personal Training.
• Has a strong sports-specific and martial arts background. Has been teaching the Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 & 2 Certification courses.
• Has worked with Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, and Mike Mahler.
• Competed in the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF).

Ryan C

Kettlebell Instructor Ryan C• Was born in Edmonton, Alberta.
• He received University education and also a graduate of the Alberta Police Academy.
• Has been training in MMA, Kickboxing, Football, marathon running, and weight lifting for more than 8 years.
• Competed at many MMA fights in Canada.
•Ryan is a true athlete, a weight lifter, a Kickboxer, and a MMA fighter.

Sifu John Rivers

Trainer & Fitness Instructor Sifu John RiversSensei & Sifu John Rivers’ Bio
• Sensei & Sifu Rivers acquired through hard work and determination his 3rd degree Black Belt studying and training under Sensei Stewart over 19 years ago.
• Sensei Rivers has been teaching the children, youth and adult classes for 19 years and brings to every class his wisdom, and the desire to help all aspiring martial artists obtain their individual goals. He as the ability to teach each and every student by the way in which they learn; “not all people are the round peg that fits into the round hole” the way the school systems and other teaching institutes i.e., dance, gymnastics and other martial art clubs are set up.
• Sensei Rivers holding his black sash in Hun Gar Kung Fu, Sifuf Rivers trained under Sifu Joe Laraya in the Hun Gar system in the Philippines, and here in Canada under Sigung Johnny Cheitun. Sifu Rivers is also a professional in the art of weapons. He teaches an assortment of weapons and specializes in Philippino stick fighting.

Mike Pellegrin

Trainer & Fitness Instructor Mike-PellegrinBorn in Montreal, Canada, Mike is a true athlete and fitness enthusiast. He specialized in Kettlebell Training, Crossfit, TRX Training, Conditioning and Nutrition consultation. He is a great motivator to his clients.

Peter Cheung

Trainer & Fitness Instructor PeterPeter Cheung, originally from Hong Kong. He is a fitness and Kettlebell fanatic. He is tennis coach, a gold medalist in tennis championship, a martial arts practitioner in Kendo, Budodo, Hung Kuen Kung Fu, Judo, and Muay Thai. Peter speaks Chinese and English fluently.
Certification & Experience: Peter obtains his Certification in Group fitness Training and Kettlebell Instructor Training Level I and II in North America and Hong Kong. He also obtains the Tennis Instructor Certification. He has been training and teaching Kettlebells and CrossFit for more than 6 years. The Kettlebell training courses that Peter has taught include Kettlebell Introductory Workshop, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Kettlebell Physique, Kettlebell High Performance, and Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level I.
His positive attitude, enthusiasm and passion on physical fitness, sports, martial arts, and living a healthy lifestyle really do rub on the people around him.


Trainer & Fitness Instructor ViktorViktor Nordgren, originally from Sweden, now resides in Hong Kong and is working on his Bachelor degree in Mandarin language and teaching Kettlebells Workshop.
Education: Attended University of Umea, Sweden, and also attended Linguistic College in China.
He can speak Swedish, English and Mandarin fluently.
Certification & Experience:
Viktor is a fitness, Kettlebells and Martial Arts fanatic. He has been teaching Kettlebells, Kung Fu and Lion Dance in Sweden for 6 years. Viktor obtains his Certification in Group fitness Training and Kettlebell Instructor Training Level I and II in North America. He has been teaching Kettlebell Workshops in Hong Kong for 2 years.
The Kettlebell training courses that Viktor has taught include Kettlebell Introductory Workshop, Kettlebell Bootcamp, Kettlebell Physique, Kettlebell High Performance, and Certified Kettlebell Trainer Level I. Viktor always impresses his clients by his enthusiasm and professionalism in Kettlebell training

Juergen Schuessler

Trainer & Fitness Instructor Juergen SchuesslerJuergen Schuessler, born and raised in Germany, has obtained the 1st Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis Association in Germany. Juergen has been studying the Filipino sticks and knives for many years under Grandmaster Datu Dieter Knuettel (8th Degree Black Belt ) of Germany who is one of the co-founders of the German Arnis Association (DAV) in 1985 and Chief / National Trainer of the DAV in Germany. Juergen has been teaching this martial art to many students from different countries and nationalities. Juergen is physically fit and he has studied different martial arts and Russian Kettlebells.

Gordon Sanders

Trainer & Fitness Instructor Juergen SchuesslerGordon Sanders, originally from Texas, USA, has lived in Kunming, China and now is residing in Hong Kong. Gordon is an amazing athlete in many sports. He is also a Russian Kettlebell Specialist. He has been an Inline Skating Coach and Kettlebell Coach for many years. He has obtained Professional Certification in Kettlebell Training, Paleo/Evolutionary Fitness and Nutrition, Functional Training, and Inline Skating. He is an avid runner, mountain hiker and Dragon Boat racer. His excellent physique and condition really shows and is admired by many of his clients.

Anfernee Leung

Trainer & Fitness Instructor Anfernee-LeungObjective: to provide related sports education training to professionals and the general population. Have trained many All Stars Sports professionals and Athletes.
Currently represents: North America Fitness & Sports Peninsula Training Academy (NAFSPTA – Kettlebell Training), Thera-Band®, TurboSonic®, Kamagon Ball®, COR Systems™, NIKE SPARQ®, MET “Movement Efficiency Training” as a Master Trainer & Program Lecturer in Asian Pacific.
International Certification:
• National Athletic Trainer Association “Athletic Trainer Certified”
• National Strength and Conditioning Association “Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist”
• National Academy of Sports Medicine “Corrective Exercise Specialist”
• National Academy of Sports Medicine “Performance Enhancement Specialist”
• Certified Physical Therapist (Master Degree )
• Certified Kinesio Taping® Practitioner
• Poliquin International Certification Program Level 4 Coach
• Russian Kettlebell Trainer Specialist Level III (NAFSPTA)

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