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We provide Kettlebell Certification Instructor Training and other Fitness Workshops in Hong Kong, China, other parts of Asia, Europe and North America. We supply Kettlebells to all major gym clubs in Hong Kong.

‟Canada has the best fitness trainers and training programs in the world.”
- David Patchell-Evans, Founder & CEO, GoodLife Fitness - August 19, 2011.

‟One must have goals and purpose in life. Preparation is key. Keep your passion in fitness!”
- Jillian Michaels, CanFitPro 2013 Conference, Toronto, Canada.


Countries where NAFSPTA offers Kettlebell Training


Our Academy provides professional Kettlebell certification training in Canada, U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Sweden, Germany, England, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Greece. We have offices and studios in Calgary and Toronto of Canada, and also in Hong Kong.

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Get certified! Become a Leader in the world’s most dynamic kettlebell fitness!
Stay strong, toned, young, and vibrant always! Take the kettlebells challenge!

Who needs Kettlebells training?

  • Fitness & sports trainers & professionals
  • Athletes & martial arts practitioners
  • Sportsmen (golfers, tennis players, sailors, football players, rugby players, cricket players)
  • Law enforcement professionals & military
  • Gymnasts, dancers, firemen
  • Gym members, bankers, lawyers, actors
  • MMA & UFC fighters, celebrities

Benefits of Kettlebell Training:

  • Fat loss, strength, explosive power, toning, conditioning & cardio
  • Build long lean muscle
  • Burn 20.2 calories/minute (= running a 6 min mile)
  • Injury prevention & mental toughness
  • Sport & combat applications
  • Enhanced athleticism – flexibility, coordination & balance
  • Core & posterior strength
  • Incredible work capacity (strength endurance)


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